Weekend Packages at the Artemida residence

Enjoy a rejuvenating, relaxing weekend with a holistic package of your choice at our Artemida residence. Here you'll find a home away from home with a personal touch. Our residence accommodates up to 8 and is situated near the Agean sea.

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Weekly Packages at the Artemida residence

Indulge in a rejuvenating week of yoga, wholesome nutrition, therapeutic massage and much more at our cosy Artemida residence. A wide range of packages available to tailor to your individual needs. Our residence accommodates up to 8 and is situated near the Agean sea.

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Our programme applies to those wishing to make a new start with fast results.

We effectively enhance your effort to detoxify your body and rejuvenate yourself with a programme and ambience suited to your individual needs.

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Yoga Courses - alternative treatments

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At yoga class

  • We Believe Yoga is for Everyone
  • We Believe in the Possibility of Transformation
  • We Believe in Listening
  • We Believe In Taking Risks
  • We Believe in Supporting and Respecting Each Other
  • We Believe Yoga Keeps the Body Healthy and the Mind Clear
  • We Believe How you do Anything is How you do Everything
  • We Believe the More you Have Done for Others the More you Have Done for Yourself

Our mission

Improving your health naturally.

Our resources are: healthy nutrition, therapeutic massage, yoga, deep breathing exercises, acupuncture and managing your emotions and thoughts in a warm, supportive environment.

Our mission is to provide deep relaxation that will help your body to rest and restore whilst activating the self-healing powers of both body and mind.


This treatment - that is the combination of colonic irrigation and holistic massage - is more advanced, efficient and refreshing than other alternative treatments I know. I am 75 years old and I began to have inflammations, irritated red skin and pain in the hands. After the treatment all the symptoms disappeared. I regularly repeat the treatment and always feel my body to be more refreshed, energetic and 10 years younger in the end.

Be well Alexandra, may you always have the gift of those therapeutic hands. With great appreciation and a very big thank you from the heart.

Katerina GerontopoulouVarkiza - Politia - Sifnos