increase vitality using natural techniques - psychological support

improve quality of life - wellness - balance - power

detoxing in a family environment to Artemis


We offer detox treatment in a friendly family environment in Artemida all year round.  You will:

  • enhance your wellness
  • increase your vitality with natural techniques
  • boost your strength
  • improve your balance
  • receive psychological support
  • improve the overall quality of life
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Our team

Alexandra Dimitriou

Yoga Courses - alternative therapies

Eirini Dimitriou

Holistic Medical Doctor

Ioannis Dimitriou


Giorgos Argyropoulos

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

Our mission

Improving your health naturally.

Our resources are: healthy nutrition, therapeutic massage, yoga, deep breathing exercises, acupuncture and managing your emotions and thoughts in a warm, supportive environment.

Our mission is to provide deep relaxation that will help your body to rest and restore whilst activating the self-healing powers of both body and mind.